About us

Welcome to the space travel agency Supernova. We offer you to embark on our cruise ship that will deliver you to the most distant parts of outer space. This way of traveling will surely change your perception of life and expand your horizons. Our team is dedicated to each traveler and ensures their safety and comfort all along this exciting journey. You’ll discover endless thrills for every kind of adventurer onboard our space vessel. Growing since our foundation in 2016, Supernova – one of the best online casinos in the industry – now carries thousands of passengers every year.

We are a Rival-powered platform, which means that this spaceship has second-to-none effectiveness in satisfying our clients’ needs and gaming requirements. The choice of entertainment is boundless as we are expanding our own limits by introducing new games and evolving into the most efficient Online Casino out there.

Are you ready to witness a whole new exciting world with your own eyes, to feel the thrill of the unknown, to dive into a new awe-inspiring adventure? Then your choice is Supernova.


The Supernova crew takes the best care of our customers. We do everything in our power to make sure your adventure experience is trouble-free and exciting. Our stewards are available 24/7 to answer your every inquiry.

We have more than 3 years of experience, and we have honed our skills in order to serve you in the most efficient way.

Our mission is to guide you and provide you with personalized care that we are committed to performing flawlessly.